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Status Medal launches with help of the NOVU*


Status Medal is from now on officially launched and offers luxurious and exclusive relationship gifts made of 18 karat gold, exclusively created for millionaires. NOVU has played an important role regarding advice and product tests. The inventor of the product, Rowdy Voogd, became a member of the NOVU, Utrecht in 2012 and they have helped developing the invention to a product that is ready to enter the market in a safe and responsible way. This process starts with following the course ‘From Idea to the Market’, attending discussions with fellow inventors, personal presentations and an evaluation with a trendwatcher. Finally, the invention is tested by the directors of NOVU and some members. After seeing the detailed prototype and hearing the informative presentation, NOVU concluded that Status Medal is a special, innovative and unique product for an elite group. This has led to the invention of a new, official and innovative model in the form of a unique, exclusive and luxurious relationship gift 


NOVU wishes Status Medal the best of luck in the future.


*NOVU is the Dutch association of inventors, product developers and researchers