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Partnerships: Krepel Cassettes


Status Medal is proud to present Krepel Cassettes as official partner and supplier of our cassettes. Over the years, Krepel Cassettes has become the premier designer and creator of custom-made luxury wooden presentation cases in Europe. With their high quality cassettes, Krepel Cassettes aims to make an impression that adds value to the products, making them the perfect partner for Status Medal.


Together we selected three luxurious cases for our medals: a black and a white carbon cassette, and a walnut version, made from high quality wood with a luxurious touch. The interior design of our cassettes is unique and especially designed to fit perfectly around the medal, the suit pin, and the medal holder, without making it look like a fully packed box. Krepel Cassettes specializes in custom production and pay a great deal of attention to the interior, as well as exterior design and the final finishing touches.


Want to know more? Krepel Cassettes attent the Luxe Pack event in Mocano every year.