Our medal


MEDAL MM-01   

Both our Medal and Suit Pin feature a unique and innovative 3D design, and are made of 18 karat gold. The symbol on the Status Medal, a clover, has been regarded as a lucky charm since the middle ages. As the legend says, each partial leave stands for one important value, namely hope, trust, love and fortune. Each of these four values is important for a successful career. 


The laurel wreath represents victory, and together with the clover they form the Status Medal. To make this unique product more special, the back of the medal offers room for the engravement of a personal message. This complete luxury set comes in a handmade case and includes a personal certificate.

Specifications Medal MM-01


Diameter 50 mm

18 karat gold

Thickness 3 mm

1 Diamond 0,10 carat

Specifications Insigne


Diameter 20 mm

18 karat gold

Thickness 1,5 mm

1 Diamond 0,03 carat

Status medal strives for the best quality and executes several checks to guarantee high quality standards. Only the purest gold and most precious diamonds are qualified for the medals and suit pin. For these reasons, the right certificates will always be delivered with the diamonds.