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TermsandConditions Status Medal Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to every quotation and agreement between Status Medal and the client to whom Status Medal has applied these terms and conditions to the extent that none of the parties have deviated from the terms and conditions in expressed writing.

These terms and conditions have been written for both the client as well as the employees and the board of directors of Status Medal.

In case something in the terms and conditions is unclear, further clarification needs to happen according to these provisions.

In case a situation occurs between the parties that is not described in the terms and conditions, the situation needs to be judged according to these provisions.

When Status Medal does not require strict compliance of these terms and conditions at all times, this does not mean that the provisions do not apply, or that Status Medal loses its right to require strict compliance of the provisions in other situations.

Article 1 Application

1. These terms and conditions apply to requests, offers and agreements whereby Status Medal is a party, unless a written agreement says otherwise.

Article 2 Agreement

Agreements and further agreements which have not been put in writing are not binding for Status Medal until Status Medal has confirmed these in writing.
The obligations of Status Medal are confirmed in writing and are limited to what has been agreed on in writing.
Article 3 Quotation and Coming to an Agreement

All quotationsfrom Status Medal can be requested via the contact form on the website and are non-committal. In case there is no acceptance term stated, no rights can be derived from the quotation.
The product on offer is based on information given by the client, which Status Medal may trust is correct and complete.
An agreement is reached when the client and Status Medal accept and sign the “order confirmation.”
The prices stated in the quotation are in Euros and include VAT, not included are other cost impositions, import rights, shipment- and administration costs.
Quotations are not automatically valid for orders in the future.
Article 4 Client Collaboration

The client will collaborate with Status Medal and give Status Medal timely information and details for the fulfilment of the agreement.
The client is responsible for the correctness, completeness and reliability of the information given to Status Medal, also when this information comes from third parties. In case of deception by the client, the quotation will be withdrawn.
In case the fulfilment of the agreement is being delayed because the client does not meet his/her obligations as mentioned in article 4.1 and 4.2, the resulting extra costs are to be paid by the client and Status Medal will be qualified to charge the client for the extra necessary work this requires.
Article 5 Execution

By the execution of the agreement, Status Medal is obligated to perform its tasks by the high quality standards of excellent craftsmanship.
Status Medal will take personal wishes and preferences of the client into account with regards
to completing the order, if Status Medal judges these wishes as desirable for an excellent end product.

3. In case the execution demands it, Status Medal reserves the right to have certain work done by third parties.

Article 6 Changes

1. Parties cannot agree on changes or extensions with regards to the approach and size of the agreement and work that results from this interim signing the agreements and the production process.

Article 7 Price and Payment

The price of the Status Medal is depended on currency exchanges and the most recent value and price of gold.
The price is stated in Euros.
Pre-Payment needs to be completed. The payment should be transferred by bank transfer or other options via the webshop.
The client has to pay 100% of the total price in advance, unless the parties have agreed on something else in writing.
In case the client does not pay the amount due in the agreed timeframe, he or she is in default. Status Medal is authorised to relinquish the matter, in which case the client will still be responsible for paying the amount due, but also for paying extrajudicial costs, of which the amount will be set to 15% of the total amount due and any legal costs.
In case the client objects to an invoice of Status Medal, he or she should give notice of this within 14 days of the date displayed on the invoice. This objection needs to be expressed in writing. In case the client has not done this, Status Medal can assume that the client has approved the invoice.
Article 8 Right of Withdrawal / Returns
All Status Medal items are personalised, custom-made products, that are made to order.For this reason, the right of withdrawal is excluded and does not apply to orders placed. All items are carefully designed and quality checked before being shipped. Unless being faulty and reported within 48 hours of receiving the products, the items cannot be returned or exchanged, so please check your order carefully before finalising it.
Article 9 Terms

1. Exceedance of an agreed delivery term does not give the client the right to cancel the agreement, the purchase, nor the payment for the services.

Article 10 Ascendancy

1. In case of ascendancy, the delivery and other obligations of Status Medal postponed. In that case, Status Medal is obligated to deliver as soon as possible. Ascendancy contains unforeseen circumstances with regards to people and materials which Status Medal needs to execute the production process. In case the execution and production becomes impossible because of these unforeseen circumstances of which Status Medal has no control, it cannot be expected that Status Medal can still deliver within the agreed time frame.

These circumstances can occur in company, traffic or transport disruptions, lacking or missing materials, strike actions or obstructions by third parties.

Article 11 Retention

What is agreed on delivering by Status Medal as written in the agreement belongs to Status Medal until the client has met all the obligations as agreed upon in writing.
The Status Medal will be delivered by courier.
The delivery from Status Medal which follows under 11.1 Article Retention may never be sold on or used as payment.
Article 12 Cancellation

1. Status Medal holds the right to cancel an agreement completely in case of deception or after receiving wrong information. In those circumstances Status Medal has to inform the client about the cancellation in writing. The client is in this case not able to receive compensation of any kind.
2. After signing all the agreements and order confirmations, the client cannot cancel the order and has no right to receive a refund.

Article 13 Warranty

Status Medal guarantees that the products and/or services fulfil the contract, the specifications stated in the offer, the reasonable requirements of reliability and/or serviceability and the statutory stipulations and/or government regulations that existed on the date that the contract was concluded.
If an item is faulty, the consumer needs to inform Status Medal within 48 hours of receiving the order in writing via info@statusmedal.com. Status Medal offers guarantee on this.
The consumer returns the faulty product with all relevant accessories, if reasonably possible in the original state and packaging, and in accordance with the reasonable and clear instructions provided by the trader.
The risk and the burden of proof for returning the faulty item correctly and in time rest upon the consumer.
The consumer bears the direct costs of returning the faulty product.
Status Medal does not offer warranty if: 1) the items are exposed to abnormal circumstances or being handled without care. 2) the consumer tried to fix or alternate the items him/herself or by a third party 3) if the report time of 48 hours for informing Status Medal of faulty products has passed 4) the defect is fully or partially the consequence of current or future governmental regulations regarding the nature or quality of the materials used.
If an item gets damaged after the warranty period, the customer can contact Status Medal for repairs. The consumer bears all the costs for this.
Status Medal cannot be held accountable if the items are used or worn incorrectly. When the items are used and worn correctly, the high quality of the items will prevent the items from damaging.
Article 14 Disputes

1. Contracts entered into between a trader and a consumer and which are subject to these general terms and conditions are subject only to Dutch law, regardless if the consumer lives abroad. The Vienna Sales Convention does not apply.

Article 15 Privacy
Status Medal processes personal information in the webshop. Status Medal complies with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal data, and also demands this from third parties working on our behalf. Personal data is processed and protected as required by EU data protection rules. This means that:

Status Medal limits the collection of personal data to information necessary for legitimate reasons.
Status Medal will always ask the consumer for their express consent before processing personal data.
Status Medal respects the consumers’ right to access, correct or delete their personal data on their request.
Article 16 Final Provision

Status Medal is authorised to change these terms and conditions. The most recent version will be applicable.
These terms and conditions are filed by the Chamber of Commerce.